BetPawa USSD Code: Quick and Easy Access!
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BetPawa USSD Code: Quick and Easy Access!

Different websites provide different ways to access their features. If you want to place bets, deposit and withdraw funds, register, and use other functions, you usually do this via a desktop website. If you’re a mobile user, then nothing stops you from accessing the features of apps or a mobile website. Some bookmakers also provide the option to do everything via SMS. This is quite helpful since you don’t have to have an Internet connection in order to do so. 

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Another option is to use the USSD codes on your mobile phone. This simply involves dialing a number on your device, going through the menu, or using a longer code. Similarly to the SMS functions, this one doesn’t require an Internet connection or a modern device. 

And in this article, we will cover only USSD codes. To be more exact, the way you can use them for various features of BetPawa, a wagering platform that offers its services in Uganda, among other countries. We aim to describe everything about how they work and which ones are available. Enjoy the read! 

What’s the USSD Code?

BetPawa: What’s the USSD Code?

The USSD code is a short combination of digits. You dial it on your phone and have access to some menus without even going online. This is often used by mobile providers, but it’s perfectly possible to access many other services this way. Historically, using USSD was quite common in Uganda, and it’s still prevalent today. Some wagering platforms utilize USSD to provide a quick way to access many features without going online. The list of those includes registration, the betting process, depositing and withdrawing, getting information about wagering options, and so on.

BetPawa USSD Features

BetPawa belongs to the list of platforms that feature the USSD option. This is a great way to stand out among many other bookmakers since some don’t offer such capabilities. Let’s check what you can do on BetPawa with USSD codes:


Moving the funds into your account can be done with the help of USSD. Depositing is the only function that you can use on the platform with the help of USSD. This way, you can add money to your MTN account. Unfortunately, you can’t make a BetPawa Airtel deposit via USSD: the service simply doesn’t provide such an option at this moment. Below are the steps to deposit money from your MTN account.

  1. Dial *165# on your device.
  2. Select 4, which stands for “Payments.”
  3. Enter 6: “Lotto and Sports Betting.” Alternatively, you can go with 4, which stands for “Goods and Services.”
  4. Go to 2: BetPawa. If you selected option 4, then enter the merchant code: BETPAWA.
  5. Type in “PAWA” for a payment reference.
  6. Enter the amount you’re planning to deposit. The minimum sum is 500 UGX. The platform doesn’t specify the maximum amount.
  7. Enter your MTN pin.
  8. Wait for the transaction to be confirmed via a message.
  9. All done.


BetPawa: Conclusion

One thing is clear: USSD codes might not be as common as they once were for betting, but they make wagering accessible even without a working Internet connection or modern smartphone. In this way, they are similar to SMS-based solutions. Having the option to use USSD-based features makes any wagering platform stand out among the competition.

And in our article, we’ve provided the main information about how USSD codes work on BetPawa, a relatively small but quickly growing African bookmaker that operates in Uganda. We’ve provided guides on how to use them. At the end of the day, you can only use the BetPawa USSD code for depositing funds, but it’s a very consumer-friendly feature.


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