Frequently Asked Questions About Betpawa

Need help finding the answers you are looking for? Then you’re on the right page. On this part of the site, you may find the answers to the most commonly asked questions concerning betPawa and sports betting in Uganda. Have a look at the list of questions and answers below, and you’ll probably find what you’re searching for. If you can’t find your question here, please get in touch with us.


  • How to delete or deactivate a betPawa account?

    Deleting and deactivating are different functions. Either way, you must be able to do it by logging into your personal profile.

  • How to register on betPawa?

    Visit the official betPawa site and click on “Join Now” on the home page.

  • How to delete a betPawa bet history?

    If you wish to delete your history, navigate to your account and pick "Clear Bet History.”

  • How do I change my number on betPawa?

    Unfortunately, this is not possible.

  • How to join betPawa?

    You may join betPawa by registering on the official site.

  • How to deposit money on betPawa?

    You may deposit your funds by navigating to your personal profile and tapping on the deposit icon.

  • How to deposit on betPawa using Airtel?

    Select Airtel as a payment method during the deposit procedure.

  • How to cash out on betPawa?

    Navigate to "My Bets," open any pending betslip, and then tap "Request Cashout.”

  • How to withdraw money from betPawa?

    You may withdraw your funds by navigating to your account and clicking on the “Withdrawal” button.

  • What is the maximum payout on betPawa?

    Your account can hold a maximum withdrawal of 4,000,000 UGX.

  • How to use betPawa?

    betPawa works the same way as nearly every other sports betting site. Members deposit their money in order to participate in betting activities and other games, and then they receive different types of rewards, including money.

  • How to delete settled bets in betPawa?

    It is possible by navigating to your personal account and selecting "Clear Bet History.”

  • How to bet on betPawa?

    Deposit funds on your balance, pick the sports of your liking, enter the amount you wish to bet, and confirm the bet slip.

  • How to check a betslip on betPawa?

    It is very simple! Tap on “Menu” and open “My Bets.”

  • What does 3 way handicap mean on betPawa?

    When you place a 3-way handicap wager, there are three possible results, giving you three betting options.

  • How to check a bet ID on betPawa?

    You may find it at the top of your ticket.

  • How to use betPawa free bets?

    If you are interested in learning more about free bets, you may check our article concerning betPawa promotions.

  • How to win at betPawa virtual games?

    If you wish to have a look at a detailed guide, we may recommend that you check our article regarding how to win betPawa games.

  • How to play virtual games on betPawa?

    Virtual games may be found in the “VIRTUAL SPORTS” tab, but if you wish to learn more about this subject, you may read our article about how to win betPawa virtual easily.

  • How to win at virtual football on betPawa?

    In order to win, you should forecast the accurate outcome of a match.

  • How to hack betPawa virtual football?

    Hacking is not approved by the platform. It’s much better for you to check the betPawa virtual prediction guide.

  • How to hack betPawa virtual games?

    Hacking is totally prohibited on the platform and will without doubt be noticed. However, you may have a look at the ways to win betPawa virtual.

  • How to win on betPawa?

    Keep your head cool, stick to verified strategies, and never overspend your budget.

  • How to win the betPawa jackpot?

    You must correctly predict and anticipate the results of every game in order to win the jackpot offer.

  • How to play and win at sweet candy 6 on betPawa?

    It is a lottery game that is played in real time, and to participate, you must choose six sweets with numbers ranging from 1 to 60. You succeed if any of them match your predictions.

  • How to win (hack) the betPawa wheel of luck?

    Hacking the game is not recommended, however, you could check our guide about how to win wheel of luck betPawa.

  • How to win at betPawa games?

    Take your time, don’t act out of emotions, stick to profitable strategies.

  • How to play the fortune miner on betPawa?

    In this game, each round awards one gem to the player. Bets must be made on one or more gems in order to participate. If the received gem contains bets, the player wins.

  • How to play lucky roulette on betPawa?

    If you are interested in this game you may check the how to win lucky roulette in betPawa guide.

  • How to win at sweet candy 6 on betPawa?

    Sweet candy 6 is a lottery game, which means that you should trust your intuition and be very lucky!

  • What is wrong with betPawa and why is the betPawa site not working?

    If the betPawa site has a breakdown, you may reach the support team in order to receive some assistance.

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