What Is a Straight Bet?
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What Is a Straight Bet?

A straight bet is one of the most popular and simple bets to make on any online betting site. It can be used in a selection of markets and for all sports. We will define a straight bet, explain how to place one, and provide examples to demonstrate how this type of wager operates. 

Additionally, we will provide you with a straight bet strategy to help you become more profitable.

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Betting Terms

Betting Terms BetPawa

In this post, we will review and explain the terms used in betting you need to know for placing straight wagers.

Straight Bet: Review

Straight Bet: Review BetPawa

When it comes to sports betting, straight bets are the basics. They provide a simple method that both seasoned and new players can enjoy. When you place a straight bet, your money is being staked on a single outcome. Your chosen team has to cover the point spread or win the game outright.

To win in straight betting in sports like baseball, boxing, and mixed martial arts, all you need is your pick. Your team or player just needs to win the match. The side you select will either be the favorite or the underdog, depending on how strong you think it is. We bet against the spread when it comes to basketball and football. Everything revolves around the spread. Each side in a straight bet against the spread has the same potential return. 

The spread is used to make both sides comparatively equal because teams are rarely evenly matched.


When you select the team you think will win the game hands-down, you are placing a moneyline wager. 

Suppose you would like to wager on a baseball match between the Red Sox and Yankees. There will be negative odds on the favorite’s listing. Let’s assume the Yankees are the favorite here at -150. Positive odds will be displayed for the underdog (in this case, the Red Sox) at +135. To make a moneyline wager, decide which team you think will win and place your wager. To win USD 100 on a Yankees wager, one would need to wager USD 150. A total of USD 135 will be won from a USD 100 wager if you select the Red Sox.


A point spread wager requires the favorite to give the underdog points for them to win by that margin. To win the bet, if you are wagering on the favorite, they must win by a greater margin than the point spread. However, if you wager on the underdog, you will get the points; that is, you will win if they win outright or lose by less than the spread.

The favorite is represented by a minus sign, and the underdog by a plus sign in straight bets using point spreads, defining which team is gaining or losing points. Therefore, if a football team is a -3.5 favorite, it means that for bettors who wagered on them to win their bet, they must win by a minimum of four points. The other team is a +3.5 underdog in this scenario, and any wager on them wins if they manage to win the game straight up or within three points. If the game’s final score matches the spread exactly, all wagers are returned, and the outcome is deemed a “push.”


The over/under wager, sometimes known as a totals bet, is the final type of a straight wager. The total, or projected combined score of both teams, will be announced by the oddsmakers. Then, based on that total, bettors make their predictions. You forecast whether it will be more or less than the predetermined number of points provided by the bookmaker.

Straight Bets in Sports

Straight Bets in Sports BetPawa

Straight wagers are offered in most sports and leagues. We already explained how they work in general; now, we would like to offer some specifics. Let’s consider horse racing.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is a curious sport to bet on. It is highly exciting and has a lot of specific moments to consider.

Win Bet

The most popular and straightforward type of bet is a win wager. All you are doing is placing a wager on one particular horse to win. You lose the bet if the horse you are betting on does not win. Since it carries the highest risk of all the straight bets, it typically pays out the highest.

Show Bet

A show bet is an even more advanced form of a place bet in which the horse finishing first, second, or third is the subject of the wager. Since it is the safest kind of a straight bet, it offers the lowest payout in case you win.

Place Bet

As a place bet involves wagering on your horse to place first or second, it is thought to be safer than a win bet. This implies that you have two chances to win rather than just one. That implies that you will receive the same payout whether the horse finishes first or second.

Naturally, you lose the wager if the horse you are rooting for does not finish first or second. Because it carries less risk than a win bet, this kind of wager pays out less.

How to Place a Straight Bet 

How to Place a Straight Bet BetPawa

Placing a straight wager is a breeze. Let us move step by step.

Choose Your Bookie

Selecting a bookmaker or online betting platform that accepts straight bets is the first step. Since this wager is so popular — basically the most fundamental wager of any kind — all bookmakers will take it. Of course, betPawa is your best choice.

Register and Deposit Some Funds

Open an account with betPawa and add money to it. This will enable you to handle your account and place bets on the website of your choice.

Choose Your Sport

Select the sport you want to wager on and place your bet. Wait for the result and hope your pick will win!

How to Count Odds and Payouts for Straight Bets

How to Count Odds and Payouts for Straight Bets BetPawa

Sports betting odds are based on two factors. First, the theoretical likelihood of a specific game or event outcome is indicated by the sports betting odds. The implied probability of either outcome occurring will be used by oddsmakers to set the lines. Because sportsbooks take a tiny cut on both sides of a line, the total of the probabilities is greater than 100%. Second, the odds on sports betting specify how much a bettor must stake to make a specific profit.


You need to have a plan when you first start placing sports bets. You can create an appropriate betting strategy by using the information provided by the following tips, which will also point you in the right direction.   

Remember that being patient, disciplined, and informed is essential for successful betting. You may raise your chances of winning and take pleasure in the thrill of betting with these pointers and a solid grasp of straight wagers. 

  • Research matters. Look into the teams or players participating in the event before making your straight bet. Check their injury history, recent form, and any other pertinent data that might affect how the event turns out.
  • Pick your wagers. Make sure to wager only on events that you are well-versed in. Reluctant to wager on an event you do not fully understand? Give in to peer pressure or high odds.
  • Handle your bankroll. It’s critical to establish and adhere to a betting budget. Refrain from betting more than you can afford to lose and do not chase losses by placing wagers that exceed your initial budget.
  • Maintain a record of your straight bets. This will allow you to spot trends in your betting approach and determine what is and is not successful. Over time, this will assist you in refining your betting strategy.
  • Hunt for the best lines. Among all betting strategies, line shopping is the simplest to implement and has the greatest potential to boost profits.


Conclusion BetPawa

As you can see, straight bets are popular in any sport. Although straight bets are simpler to place than parlays because they are just one wager, they still offer a higher chance of winning than other forms of wagers. However, straight bets have a number of drawbacks, such as a restricted payout potential, difficulties identifying value, a higher risk of upsets, and fewer strategic options. With our guide above, you can decide whether straight bets work for you.


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  • What is the difference between a straight and straight-up bet?

    It is common knowledge that a straight bet and a straight-up bet belong to the same category. However, this is untrue. A straight-up wager is a wager made on the result of the game without the use of totals or handicaps. You are essentially placing a wager on the straight-up result of the game, similar to a moneyline wager.

  • Can I place a straight bet on any sports event?

    Sure, straight wagers are accepted in a wide range of sports and events, such as basketball, tennis, football, horse racing, and more. When placing your wager, you should check with the individual bookmakers because events or markets may occasionally be restricted in some way.

  • Is straight betting safe?

    Straight wagers are an easy and convenient way to bet on sports. With lower bookmaker margins and a quick and simple betting process, they are a great option for novice and seasoned bettors alike. To increase your chances of success when betting, you must, nevertheless, do in-depth study and analysis to make wise decisions when putting straight bets.

  • Should I choose a straight bet?

    If you are new to betting, straight wagers are your best choice.

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