What Is a Prop Bet?
Isaac Adongo Betting Expert

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What Is a Prop Bet?

Sports betting is not always about predicting the result. Predictions can relate to any aspect of the event and may even look bizarre. These wagers, called props, will be fully explained below.

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Betting Terms in the Glossary

A prop is one of a myriad of terms used in betting. They can denote a market category, for instance, moneyline and handicap, or a type of selection, such as double and treble. If you want to be well-versed in sports betting terms, our dedicated content will bring you up to speed. 

Pros & Cons of Using Props



  1. Better amusement
  2. A wealth of options
  3. More favorable odds


  1. Not frequently offered
  2. Not easily predicted

Types of Prop Bets

Proposition wagers often ignore the result of the game. So, what are they aimed at?

Bets on a Player

You can wager on anything connected to a specific athlete’s performance, such as points, assists, or overall statistics within the competition.

Bets on a Team

Here, you predict the entire team’s performance, independent of the event’s outcome, for example, how many goals they will score.

Novelty and Exotic Bets

Sportsbooks may offer you the most peculiar wagers that have nothing to do with sports, such as predictions of political events and TV series.

Prop Bets Examples

Prop Bets Examples BetPawa

Proposition wagers rely on the rules of a particular sport and the creativity of the sportsbook. Bookies try to entice players with exciting offers for the best leagues like the NBA, NHL, or NFL. Here are some examples of the top sports.


  • Anytime Goalscorer
  • Team 2 Total Penalties
  • Player Red Card 


  • First Field Goal
  • Blocks Over/Under
  • Team Performance In Half


  • Strikeouts Over/Under
  • To Hit A Home Run
  • Team To Score First In The Game

Ice Hockey 

  • Number Of Minutes Without A Goal
  • Same Score In At Least Two Periods
  • Last Goal Time


  • Total Sets 
  • Tiebreak in Any Set 
  • Match Will Be Won By An Ace


  • First Ball Of Match
  • Will A Wicket Fall In Over
  • Total Maidens


  • Will First Try Be Converted
  • Total Drop Goals
  • Most Tries

Prop Betting Tips

If you are looking to become a pro at props in Uganda, heed these few simple yet working tips:

  • Compare bet options and odds available on the market and choose the best offer.
  • Ensure the sportsbook is trusted and licensed by the Ugandan competent authority.
  • Learn all the details of the event, teams, and players to place a well-informed wager.

How to Place a Prop

Speaking about the betting process, it is the same as making any other prediction. As long as your player account is registered and financed, you must take the following actions:

  1. Log in and proceed to sports.
  2. Select a proposition wager.
  3. Pick the odds and add a stake.
  4. Submit your betting slip.


Props let you make striking predictions and relish the game rather than nervously wait for the outcome. Moreover, they mean big potential wins on top-notch sportsbooks, such as betPawa.


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  • How do prop bet odds work?

    Odds reflect the likelihood and price of the wager. Bookies present them in various formats.

  • Can I make prop bets on live games?

    Indeed, you only need to check if they are on the sportsbook’s live betting offer.

  • How do proposition bets differ from future bets?

    They are wagers on various aspects of the game, whereas futures are bets on its end result.

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