What Is Futures Betting?

What Is Futures Betting?

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The basic idea of futures betting is to guess who will win a tournament from start to finish, but there is a lot of information available to assist you in making precise predictions.

With the help of our futures betting guide, you should be able to predict your favorite league’s winner before the first game is ever played. 

Continue reading to find out how to wager on futures on betPawa and to receive the best advice and methods from our most savvy sports betting pros.

Futures Betting: Review

Futures Betting: Review BetPawa

Imagine placing a moneyline wager on the entire series, tournament, or league instead of just one particular game when you think of futures betting. One market in a futures bet asks you to pick which player or team will win it all, and they are usually placed well in advance of the first scheduled game. This kind of wager is sometimes called an outright wager by bookmakers.

Sports betting futures markets are typically made available months ahead of a competition or season, and the lines are subject to change based on new information about players or teams. World Cups and other international competitions can even be released years in advance. Certain markets are open for business during a season or competition, and their values may change in response to how the teams perform. 

On the other hand, it is also typical for a sportsbook to shut down operations as soon as the first game starts.

Betting Terms: Glossary

Knowledge of betting terms is essential for placing successful bets. In this article, we will review all the terms you need to be aware of while placing futures wagers.

How Futures Bets Work

How Futures Bets Work BetPawa

Futures in sports betting are wagers on results that will be determined in the future. They are totally different from single-game bets that are paid out on the day of the match. Bets that are popular include championship markets and individual awards given at the end of the season. Most of the time, bettors put their money on a “yes” for a specific result, like a player winning MVP in the NBA. On the other hand, there is occasionally a “no” option available in markets on teams that miss the playoffs. Bettors then have the option to wager on either side. 


We will review tennis and golf as curious examples.


Predicting the winner of the four major tennis tournaments held throughout the year before anyone has even picked up a racket is a fairly common wager. You can wager on the Wimbledon winner if you believe you know who will prevail on grass. And at Roland Garros, you can predict the winner if you know whose specialty is clay.


Let’s talk golf. Golf’s large field makes it an excellent sport for futures betting. Before a golf tournament even starts, there are so many possible winners that you could win a lot of money if you can select wisely. 

Types of Futures Bets 

Types of Futures Bets BetPawa

Most bets of this sort are placed on which team in a given league will win its division or which team will win the championship. Certain player awards and their winners may be the subject of other futures bets.

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Winners of Championships 

The most popular futures wagers predict the winners of important events like the Stanley Cup, NBA Finals, Super Bowl, or World Series. Even though a team is among the favorites, there is usually little chance they will win, which is why people are excited by these kinds of futures. 

Winners of Conferences

Another popular market type is selecting the team that will win a particular division or conference. For example, even though the future odds are stacked against your hometown football team winning a chosen conference, you might want to place a small wager. 

How to Bet

How to Bet BetPawa

In this section, we will explain how to place futures wagers.

Create an Account

Register with betPawa. You will need a valid phone number to create an account. Remember that you have to be 25 years old or older to bet in Uganda.

Verify Your Account

You have to verify your account before placing bets. Then, deposit some funds, and you are all set!

Place Your Bet

Choose your sport and your tournament. Confirm your bet and wait for the result.

Pros & Cons



  1. With futures odds, you can win more than you wagered because they frequently offer a plus-money return.
  2. You are not restricted in terms of when you can place bets because a lot of futures bets can be made throughout the season.
  3. Futures bets differ from book to book, so you can compare odds to find the best value.


  1. Since only one outcome is deemed the winner, sportsbooks offering futures odds have a significant house advantage. For example, before accounting for team strength and other factors, the Super Bowl winner is a 1-in-32 (3.03%) proposition.
  2. The amount of time your money is tied up until the market makes a decision depends on when you place your futures bet.
  3. Injuries, trades, and the performance of other teams are just a few of the variables that can affect a bet’s result over time.

Best Strategies

Throughout the season, futures betting odds fluctuate, giving bettors some intriguing opportunities. A heavy favorite that is expected to win their division or championship prior to the season’s commencement might have a sluggish start and lose the first few games.

This could be a great time to wager if you think this team is still valuable and has the potential to improve its current record.

  • When good teams or players, especially early in the season, are not performing to their full potential, it is known as “buying low.” Frequently, people overreact to those difficulties, which causes their futures odds to change and show a larger payout. Those difficulties are often fleeting as skill steps in to lead the team past those problems.
  • The futures markets are the same across sportsbooks, but the odds are frequently different. If you are able to wager with more than one bookmaker, compare their odds and see which one is offering the highest return on your chosen futures wager. BetPawa has great odds!
  • Examine the most recent news. Getting the best futures bet possible requires having access to pre-season data. It may seem obvious to pick the league’s best team, but that team may also have lost their best player in a trade.
  • Examine the new team lineups, think about the schedule, and watch out for players who could cause problems later on.
  • Play responsibly. When placing a wager on sports on futures markets, it’s important to always remember to follow responsible gambling guidelines. Set boundaries, take breaks, and never chase losses.


Conclusion BetPawa

When used correctly, futures betting can be a very profitable tool for sports bettors. But it’s crucial to remember that a bookmaker’s advantage over a futures wager is significantly larger than it is for a straight wager. This type of bet may have a house edge of 20%, making it far harder to beat future betting over the long run than a straight wager, which offers the bookmaker a 4.55% edge. Futures bets may not be the greatest option for bettors with small bankrolls or those seeking daily action because they typically tie up your budget for weeks or even months. However, you might win big by following our guidelines above.


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  • Are futures bets profitable?

    Sports betting with these types of bets can be exciting and profitable. Follow our tips above to win big.

  • Is it safe to bet on futures?

    All bets are risky to a certain extent. To place a relatively safe bet, follow the strategy described in our guide.

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