JetX Bet Game | JetX Casino for Real Money
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JetX Bet Game | JetX Casino for Real Money

About BetPawa Games

Betpawa About BetPawa Games

A bookmaker with a local viewpoint, Betpawa was founded in six African nations: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana, and Nigeria. Over the years, it has gained the trust of many players. Totally secure, the bookie operates under official licenses. All residents within Betpawa’s jurisdiction are given the greatest gambling experience possible. All you need is a working email account and to be of legal gambling age in the relevant jurisdiction. Today we will focus on BetPawa Uganda. BetPawa slots and games are well-known among Ugandan gamblers.

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Below, we will offer a detailed review of JetX, BetPawa’s latest and super exciting casino addition.

JetX Basic Info

Betpawa JetX Basic Info

A recent online game called JetX has gained a lot of traction among gamblers. JetX is an online game where users can wager on the outcome of a fictitious jet crash. The objective is to hit the “Collect” button at the perfect moment to take out as much cash as you can before the plane explodes. This is a brand new game of chance you can make money on. Your luck determines how much money you can make. However, there are several strategies and recommendations that, if used, may help you win more money.

How the Game Works

JetX is an arcade game offered by SmartSoft Gaming. JetX players wager on the multiplier at which the aircraft will crash. The potential reward increases as the flight time increases. With no upper limit on the multiplier (range 1 to infinity), bets can be made for any amount between EUR 0.10 to EUR 300 every round (or their equivalents). For each game, a multiplier is determined at random. The animation begins as the participants place their wagers and ends when the jet lifts off. The player can instantly opt to pay out at any time by clicking a button, ejecting from the aircraft before it crashes, and increasing his stake at that very moment.

It is important to remember that for the spaceship to reach the end of the game, it must avoid a variety of obstacles. It may collide with asteroids, laser beams, or other spacecraft, which would terminate the game. The objective is to withdraw the bet as late as possible while preventing the crash. You will forfeit your entire wager if you don’t remove it quickly enough.

Rules of the JetX Game

The rules of the game are very straightforward: gamblers must choose their bet amount before the game begins and click the button to begin the round. The goal is to guess when the rocket will burst and remove the bet before the jet crashes. The multiplier increases as the rocket rises. The number of wagers a player can place throughout a round is two or more, which increases winning chances.

You have two choices when it comes time to cash out. Whenever you feel like it, you can manually withdraw money or switch on the automatic mode.

You can use the auto-option to set a target multiplier that will cause the current round to stop immediately. However, you will lose everything if the aircraft crashes before the multiplier is reached. The terms “auto-withdrawal” and “manual withdrawal” should not be used interchangeably; they are two distinct alternatives. This is why some players set a medium to high multiplier, such as 20 or 30, in the auto-withdraw setting. By doing this, they can manually withdraw money in the event that they believe the plane is about to crash before the preset multiplier is reached.

How to Play JetX? 

Betpawa How to Play JetX? 
  • With JetX, you can manually put bets using the two betting slots at the bottom of the screen before each round. You can enter the wager amount and place your wager by pressing the yellow button. Your wager is now valid for the following round.
  • You’ll see that the “enter bet” buttons have turned green and are beginning to accumulate money as the plane is en route. If you take a withdrawal prior to the explosion, you will receive the exact amount. Also, note that the buttons now have the phrase “Collect Bet” next to them, indicating that you can click on them to withdraw your funds. 
  • But you may set automatic triggers at specific phases so you don’t have to handle things alone. This entails setting multiplier levels for when you wish to cash out, as well as automatically placing bets at the beginning of each round. 
  • It is advised to set the first round’s level low and the second round’s level higher.

How to Play JetX on a Mobile Phone?

Any device with an internet connection can be used to play JetX. This covers desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and cellphones. The flexible design of the game interface allows it to adapt to the size of your screen instantly. If you want to play JetX on BetPawa, simply open the mobile version of the website or launch the app. The JetX game is available in the section “Games.”

Features of the JetX Game

Anyone seeking enjoyment and excitement at online casinos should play JetX. The game is great for both novice and expert players due to its straightforward mechanics and clear logic. 

Smooth Interface

The primary game-playing buttons are located beneath the playing area. You can see the odds where the game halted in the most recent rounds on the left side of the screen. The history of wagers, chat with other gamblers, and game statistics are all displayed on the right side of the screen. 

Cool Payouts

The JetX game’s most thrilling feature is its low requirements for high payouts. Furthermore, the likelihood of winning is rather high, allowing you to multiply your bankroll several times in a single round (provided the plane doesn’t crash right afterward, of course).


Both novice and experienced players can enjoy JetX because of its straightforward rules and quick gameplay. While simple to learn and comprehend, the game also provides a distinctive and thrilling gaming experience.

How to Earn Money With JetX

Betpawa How to Earn Money With JetX

To do this, you must wager on JetX and succeed. Decide on the wager amount and stick to it. Pay attention to the airplane’s flight altitude, which has no upper limit, and stop the flight as soon as it looks like there will be an explosion. Use our strategies below to boost your winnings.

JetX Casino Bonus for Players

Betpawa JetX Casino Bonus for Players

As you may already be aware, the game itself does not provide any bonuses or benefits because it has already given players a significant chance of huge winnings with an endless multiplier. However, some online casinos provide free spins and unique no-deposit incentives that can only be used on slots. 

Currently, BetPawa offers no special bonuses for the section “Games.” However, keep tracking the bookie’s website to catch the upcoming promo offers if they pop up.

Tips and Strategies of JetX

Betpawa Tips and Strategies of JetX

JetX is drawing more gamers despite having a very straightforward design and a repetitious function. This is mainly because many of these players think they can apply a strategy always to come out ahead. Remember that you are always mathematically losing while playing against a casino. However, there are some strategies you may try.

A pre-test on a demo account is necessary for any JetX approach. This is a prerequisite. It will make it easier to distinguish between algorithms that are intentionally losing and those that are functioning. There are many JetX betting strategies; let’s familiarize ourselves with the most popular ones. Each JetX method offers a unique mix of benefits and drawbacks. 

Popular Strategies

Some strategies are conservative, while others gradually raise the size of the wager.

Low Multiplier Strategy

This JetX technique recommends locking your profits when the board reaches the minimum height. While some players take their money at x1.1 or below, others wager auto-release at x1.35. Some people favor playing at approximately x1.50. Beginners frequently choose this strategy since it looks safe. The chance of a board explosion increases with the length of the round. Therefore, making a tiny profit is more secure. 

The Martingale

Many casino games employ the martingale strategy. Its objective is to consistently outperform the odds over the long term, which, in theory, martingale does. However, we will see that it is a little more tricky in practice. The martingale is, in essence, fairly straightforward. You double your wager each time you lose until you win. Theoretically, if you had an infinite balance, you would always win and get back all of your bets plus the initial one.

This strategy is less effective because you don’t have an infinite budget. You must be able to anticipate a very lengthy string of losses for a martingale to bring you profit.

Space Up Your Game

This method is quite common with JetX players. With normal bets, you strive for a relatively low multiplier of between x1.3 and x1.4. You are just relying on luck and hoping the multipliers will be bigger than usual throughout your session. The greatest method to add some excitement to the game is to use the second bet to make a much smaller wager in order to receive the highest multipliers. When the spacecraft reaches infinity, you’ll be able to put your nerve to the test and let JetX play with it!

It is important to keep in mind that the gameplay of JetX uses a random number generator, just like other games of chance, making the results unpredictable. Therefore, it is advised to play sensibly and establish betting limits.

A Couple of Tips

  • Watch others play.

While some players may be more flexible with their stake sizes and collection schedules, others may prefer greater control over when they collect. Look into how other people predict when the plane might blow up. As the plane rises, observe whether players want to cash out soon or take a chance.

  • Play the demo version first.

As already noted, demo games are the ideal way to study the game and gain a feel for it. You’ll learn where the buttons and other controls are. During flights, you can observe which coefficient is in use. You can observe how the game swings between short and lengthy flights to determine whether paying out right away is wiser or holding off until the flights increase. Basically, you receive a free general impression of the game.

  • Use the auto-collect mode.

Choose the height at which the jet should fly before you collect to target your prizes. Make a decision, and if the goal is met, the game will immediately cash you out. 


Betpawa Conclusion

Gamblers seeking adrenaline will enjoy the thrilling JetX game. You’ll be able to challenge other gamers and put your icy blood to the test. You will be able to see each jet passenger’s bets during each game and watch them eject ahead of you. The fact that other players have not yet requested their winnings from their wagers may affect you and extend your wait time. This interaction between players gives a game that may otherwise get boring a substantial benefit. The multiplier’s endless potential lends each takeoff a genuine element of mystery and helps to explain the game’s popularity. Have a safe takeoff, but don’t forget your parachute!


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  • Where to play the demo game JetX for free?

    Not all casinos offer the demo feature of the game. Use the search engine to locate such a casino at your location.

  • Why use the demo version of JetX Bet?

    Because it’s free! Anyone who wants to try out JetX without having to spend any money should use the demo mode. Before starting the game with real money, you can test out various methods, sharpen your thinking, and gain confidence.

  • How does the JetX game work?

    A slot machine game called JetX operates similarly to other casino games. The goal is to put a wager and pray for good fortune.

  • What is the RTP of JetX?

    The RTP of JetX is approximately 97%.

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