How to Check Your Bet Slip on BetPawa
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How to Check Your Bet Slip on BetPawa

Many aspects are important to consider when checking the features of wagering platforms. But none of them will be as crucial as the wagering process itself. There’s plenty of information online that covers everything about it, from placing the bets to various live features of the platform and overall prediction tips. 

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But our article has a different aim: we will provide information about betslip and how it works on BetPawa, a growing African wagering platform. We will cover how to access it since betslip is very important for everything related to placing your predictions. Read the article and get an understanding of everything about using it on Betpawa. 

Betslip on the Platform and Its Features

If you’re not entirely new to betting, you likely already know what a betslip is. Betslip is technically a virtual paper (physical in offline betting) that includes all your wagers and selections. For most online bookmakers, it is a window that you can customize, enter the stake, and add more information. Don’t confuse it with the Game ID since it’s an entirely different code that only provides access to an event and can be used for placing your wagers via USSD or SMS.

Additional options include the “Accept Odds Change” box. If you tick it, you agree to the odds changing for the event you’re wagering on. Some platforms offer additional options, including accepting it only if the odds grow higher, but BetPawa doesn’t provide such a feature.

How to Access the Betslip

BetPawa: How to Access the Betslip

The steps are usually similar to placing a bet. You will only see it when you select an event and market. Betslip is where you input your stake. If you want to find it, then it’s not difficult to search for it. Here’s how to check betslip on BetPawa:

  1. Go to the website.
  2. Select the sport to wager on. You can check the most popular events on the main page or click the “Upcoming” button.
  3. Alternatively, click the “Virtual Sports” or “Live Now” buttons.
  4. Check out the offered markets. By default, the platform only shows moneylines, but you can click on the event to see more options.
  5. Click on the odds.
  6. The betslip will appear on the right if you’re using the desktop website. If you’re accessing the platform from a mobile device, it will be seen on the lower side of the page.

And now, you can input the stake, check the calculations for possible winnings, and place more bets or multiple wagers. Moreover, you can book the bet or load the booking code. The former will be helpful if you want to take your betslip to a physical shop. Enjoy your options! 

What’s a Betslip Checker?

This feature allows you to load the code onto the betslip to test whether you correctly placed all your predictions. Technically, it’s just a field in the betslip, and you can usually find it by checking it.


BetPawa: Conclusion

Understanding how betslip works on a particular platform and its features is essential for all kinds of wagering. Different bookmakers offer varying capabilities. BetPawa is a relatively young and rapidly growing platform, so while there aren’t many kinds of wagers and sports, it already has enough to offer the punters.

We hope our article provided everything you wanted to know about BetPawa’s betslip and its features. There are only two sports and regular accumulators, but it’s still quite functional, so understanding more about it is crucial. If you want to read a detailed guide on how to bet using BetPawa, you can check our separate article that covers the matter. It includes everything you might want to know about the wagering process on the platform.


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